SEO Tips :: How to Increase Your Site’s Alexa Rank

Nowadays, a large number of people have their own websites to promote their products, services, online shopping stores or even to get theirself popularity. And maybe you are classified as one of them. To get more traffic to their websites, sure you are always look on for tips to improve performance of your websites to make profit out of it. One of the common way that you have to do is to increase your site's

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European ASP.NET Hosting Tips :: Is Your Site Running Slow? Find The Reasons and The Solution Here

Have you ever wondering why is your site running slow? Whereas the other's is going fine. Or when you opened your site at mobile browser, why does the site's loading become slow? Maybe you had paid cheap for hosting your web in one provider's server, but you still find that your site is running slow. Yup, these problems are commonly found in our daily lives. However, do you know what are the reasons of your

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European ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting Tips :: How to Improve your ASP.NET Website Performance

In this article I will sharing few tips to improve the performance in ASP.NET site. This is the things that I have done: HTTP Compression HTTP compression is used to compress page content from the server end. It compress HTTP requests and responses, so is a great performance improvement. My project is hosted in Windows Server 2003, and I implemented HTTP compression after reading this article. Disable Possible ViewState View State allows the page state

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frankfurt, a leading Windows hosting provider with innovative technology solutions and a dedicated professional services team proudly announces new Data Center in Frankfurt (Germany) for all costumers. HostForLIFE’s new data center in Frankfurt will address strong demand from customers for excellent data center services in Europe, as data consumption and hosting services experience continued growth in the global IT markets. The new facility will provide customers and our end users with services that meet

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ASP.NET 5 Hosting – :: Anti Forgery Tokens with AngularJS and ASP.NET 5

In this post, I will tell you about Anti Forgery Tokens with AngularJS and ASP.NET 5. Single Page Applications utilizing AngularJS with ASP.NET by default leave our Web API methods open to forgery abuse. A couple of straightforward steps will permit you to include hostile to phony security. The primary step will be to make a custom activity channel ascribe to test our answer which you can use to finish web programming interface classes or

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European ASP.NET Hosting – Germany :: The Difference Between DataSet, DataReader, DataAdapter and DataView in .net

Here is short tutorial only about the difference DataSet, DataReader, DataAdapter and DataView in .net. DataSet Dataset is connection-less oriented, that means whenever we bind data from database it connects indirectly to the database and then disconnected. It has read/write access on data tables. It supports both forward and backward scanning of data. DataSet is a container of one or more DataTable. More often than not, it will just contain one table, but if you

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